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A new cell phone that doesn’t need a battery

A new cell phone that doesn’t need a battery

Cell phone batteries are something that can put an individual in great jeopardy if there are no charging points present anywhere nearby. Thus, the need for a solution to this problem in the form of a new battery or cell phone is a must. The development of a new cell phone could be very liberating. The researcher Vamsi Talla from the University of Washington and his colleagues have developed a phone that may not look sexy but can prove to be an efficient voice-call-only device.

The calls may show some range problem if not present within the range of a computer that sort of behaves as a cell tower. What about the phone’s battery? The phone has been designed such that it requires only a little power for functioning. The phone requires only about few microwatts rather the above 100 Microwatts need in the usual phones. The environment has no role to play in this as the tiny photodiode, which is the size of a pinky finger, helps collect the light and a radio frequency harvester lets use the energy give out from the wireless homemade cell tower named the base station.

new cell phone doesn’t need a battery
The team behind a University of Washington project to create a Wi-Fi powered display with a small device that can turn radio waves in the air into usable power. Show, from left, are Computer Science and Engineering professors Joshua Smith and Shyam Gollakota and graduate students Vamsi Talla and Bryce Kellogg.

The development of the battery-free phones wasn’t an easy task as per the researchers as a lot of challenges came up.The battery-free concept has been adopted by switching the alternate periods of activity with periods of energy collection. The phone can easily switch when a camera or temperature sensor is switched on in the device. Hence, in contradiction, the researchers have decided to go analog so as to keep the phone working continuously. The new phone uses the analog backscatter technology where in the signal is either reflected or absorbed which requires less power rather than generating the signal. This method helped reduce the power use such that the phone no longer had to be switched off. The conversion of the analog signals into digital signals is achieved using the base station.

This phone will be the first one in the history to make the calling possible using just a microwatt of power.In a usual cell phone base station, there are two links, one is uplink from the cell phone to the base station and the other is the downlink that works the other way around. The communication between the base station and the cell phone requires a lot of power. Hence, how is the new phone going to come across this hurdle is something to think about.

The future technological development including 5G networks may help. But the inclusion of the battery-free phone can prove to be a life savior in cases of emergency.

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