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Facebook prepares to introduce a Modular Smartphone

Facebook prepares to introduce a Modular Smartphone

After ruling the social media, Facebook plans to turn its eyes on the smartphone sector. The social media’s idea of entering the electronic device segment will be something to look out for in the coming years. Facebook has already published a patent on its modular electromechanical device. The social media giant has already started working on the new project. According to the social networking giant, the modular device will be the first of its kind.

The new nodular electromechanical device will be manufactured by the Building 8, which is Facebook’s consumer hardware lab that develops futuristic products. This device is expected to have a microphone, GPS, speaker, touch display, and a smartphone like regular appearance. The functionality of the device can be expanded by the users by switching one of the modules with another. Google also had plans to introduce a modular smartphone last year but had canceled the plans. Hence, Facebook isn’t the first to try its hand out at the new project.

Modular Smartphone

The swappable modules including G5 have also been tried out by LG but they also had the plans dropped out. However, currently only Andy Rubin’s Essential and Moto are the only two companies working on the modular smartphones. The Essentials are all ready to ship out their first smartphone sooner than later. The company has not yet confirmed its plans on an official basis but is surely trying its best even with the limited success belief.

The modular smartphone will have an advanced camera, machine learning technology, and ability to type with one’s mind in-built in the device. The device will be designed such that it can be used as a smart speaker or a phone. The Facebook’s modular device will open a new arena for the smartphone segment.The patent application filed by Facebook has all the information regarding the modular device mentioned in detail.

The connected devices can be loaded with a number of software so as to increase the possibility of connecting various components to the device. The Facebook’s dream of developing a modular smartphone remains to be seen whether it will succeed and popularize among the consumers.

The entry into the hardware game is something the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has been long waiting for. But “will Facebook also ditch the project as this is just a patent” is something only time can decide, so we have to just wait and see.

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