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Apple to Have Its Own In-House OLED Technology

Apple to Have Its Own In-House OLED Technology

OLED technology is used in the phones for enhancing the deeper black levels and also better color resolution production. The OLED displays render the phones to turn into an excellent power efficient device. Apple is currently dominating the smartphone and electronics market all across the globe. The companythusplans to develop an OLED display this year for all the iPhones going to be developed from here on. The smartphone giant plans to include the new OLED technology in the anniversary iPhones that the company is planning to manufacture this year. The Cupertino-based iPhonehas beenordering about 70 Million OLED panels from the Samsung’s display section.

Samsung seems to be skeptical of fulfilling such a huge demand from Apple. The company ships about 50 Million iPhones every quarter of the year. For now, as per the sources, Apple will have about 3–4 Million OLED iPhone pieces manufactured for sale at the time of launch. Now, the company has decided on developing its own OLED panel for the future iPhones. This new in-house OLED technology development is going help the Apple smartphone market soar up.

For conquering its ambition, the giant has already purchased chemical vapor deposition (CVD) machines from a Korean company. It plans to use the machine to build its first in-house 2.5D OLED display panels. The R&D line set up in Taiwan will also help develop the OLED technology. Apple basically wants to no longer depend on Samsung for the supply of the OLED panels and start its own OLED panel production.

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With the development of its own OLED technology production unit, the company plans to break the domination of Canon Tokki that is currently the top OLED display manufacturing company.Along with Apple LG is also planning to expand its OLED display manufacturing unit. There are a number of companies trying to expand their OLED technology business owing to the increasing demand among the electronics and smartphone market.

If sources are to be believed then Samsung has brought about five sets of the OLED display manufacturing units from Canon Tokki at the start of 2017. Similarly, LG has purchased two machines and BOE Technology, a China company, has also procured a single machine. Samsung has the AMOLED display installed in its phones including Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. Thus, in order to avoid the OLED technology shortage consequence in the near future, Apple has switched to developing its own in-house OLED panels as a solution for the future iPhones.

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