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Apple to Use L-Shaped Batteries In 2018 Releasing iPhones

Apple to Use L-Shaped Batteries In 2018 Releasing Ihones

Apple is the top most company known for developing the high-end smartphones along with other electronics including laptops, home appliances, and so on.The company has been dominating the market for a while now, especially when it comes to its iPhones. The iPhones are a craze among the public owing to their in-built features and chic appearance.

Adding to its fabulous look, there come plans to come up with a new L-shaped battery. The battery production will be handed over to LG Chem. Currently, the company has a number of battery producers including Samsung SDI, ATL, Murata, and LG Chem. The switch from the normal rectangular-shaped jelly roll lithium-ion batteries to a new L-shaped design is something new that Apple plans to explore. Though the use of such batteries may not be considered this year,the next year launching phones will surely have the new batteries built inside. The LG Corporation has already planned to invest a lump sum in the project.

The new line of batteries for the iPhones is expected to hit the market next year. The battery will have an extended form towards the bottom that will form an L-shape. The basic reason behind adopting such a new module is to help the device maximize its internal space use.

Apple L-Shaped Batteries iPhones

It can be assured only next year whether the inclusion of the battery is just a rumor or some valid news. This new battery module design is going to add another gem to the iPhones. The LG Chem, a subsidiary of LG Corporation, according to Apple will be supplying and manufacturing the batteries for the upcoming iPhones. The rumors regarding the launch of iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 9, and iPhone 10 are doing the rounds. Hence, nothing can be relied on until Apple confirms anything regarding the battery officially.

Apple will have the best of the features and technologies launched in the history of iPhone every year. The Apple iPhones are expected to have 3D sensing facial recognition system, OLED iPhones, and vertical mounted dual camera. The changes in the design of the smartphone models is an extra bonanza for the company as there will be more of people inclined to purchase the phone. The Apple lovers are always at the edge of their seats waiting for some more technology added to their devices and make it worth millions.

Thus, let’s wait till Apple confirms the L-shaped battery news along with its release date.

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