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An Algorithm That Helps Pick Out Food Recipes From Photos

An Algorithm That Helps Pick Out Food Recipes From Photos

An algorithm has been created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to help the food lovers enhance their skills. The algorithm has been designed such that it can pick out the recipes for food just from a photograph. It has been formed using a data set that consists of almost 1 Million photos and 1 Million recipes.

The neural network has proved successful in case of deserts but it became challenging for it to find recipes for sushi and smoothies. The product hasn’t been completed till now. However, an online trial version of the product has been released. The trial was carried out on the algorithm using a picture of spaghetti Bolognese. After looking at the picture, the recipes of Italian tomato sauce and goo on the noodles was created.

Similarly, when the algorithm was shown a Black Forest cake,the recipes of chocolate mocha cake and frozen grasshopper squares were revealed. The recipes seemed similar. The use of technology in the food sector may seem surprising. But, the researchers have proved it to be a huge victory even though the data set required for the food may seem large. Computer vision seems to have opened a new door for the food industry.

Algorithm That Helps Pick Out Food Recipes

Food Recipes

The new technology can help convert the useless or scrapped photos on the social media into a valuable approach towards the health habits and dietary concepts. The artificial intelligence-based app is expected to go live soon and prove to be a tough competition for Google’s human Go Champion.

The current data set has a large-scale of food data stored in so as to boon the food industry.This futuristic idea could help provide the food preparation and nutritional adoption details with great intricacy. According to Calcum Chace, an author of The Economic Singularity, the use of artificial intelligence in the food sector will change the perspective of the use of deep learning.

The algorithm can help transform a simple machine into a device that can do things that the humans cannot even think about. In short, the technology renovates the distinguishing skills among the machines and eases the human work.

The use of neural networking to spill out the recipes by just looking at the pictures of delicious food has got the people rolling their eyes. The tech-savvy nature has resulted in some researchers lurking into the food domain as well. Let’s see when the final product will be unveiled for the commercial use.

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