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Animated Overlays with Pixar & Disney Characters Added to Clips Video Editing App

Animated Overlays with Pixar & Disney Characters Added to Clips Video Editing App

This year, to be more precise, in March, Apple had rolled out its Clips app that basically enables users to make videos simply by merging photos, music, and video clips. Even though the app has not achieved remarkably sound vogue on app charts, the company is giving Clips its first major upgrade by adding few Pixar &Disney magic to make it more attractive.With version 1.1, its newest update, the app has received loads of new customizable overlays, posters, and text banners that comprise characters from Pixar and Disney. This suggests that the users can include animated overlays with Minnie, Mickey, and other characters from cinemas such as Inside Out and Toy Story to their videos.

The company said, “Now, classic Pixar and Disney characters can be added by the users to their videos. Animated overlays of Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck are featured by Clips 1.1.” On top of these animated overlays, the users can also include Disney-designed posters as “playful title cards” to the videos with the update.Apple is utilizing a resources-like on-demand method to manage the new content as well. So, the new poster or overlay assets won’t be downloaded until the user taps on it use it. So, all it would basically require is the user to be online for the initial time to use any of the new stuff.

Pixar & Disney Characters

Besides, Clips, with the new upgrade,now has got new Apple-designed 12 posters and 10 overlays with customizable animated text. The company said, “From slow motion billowing smoke to 3D pop-up art and glistening water, the newly designed posters bring more flexibility to iOS video creation.”Apart from this, a new iconis added, “Live Titles,” for editing and to makingit simpler to change titles and captions. Beforehand,the users had to poke around and wish to find it or risk considering editing was just not accessible. But now, it is right up front. Even the button, “Done” is substituted by “Share,”avoiding the tap by a user.

The Cupertino-based company has also revealed few usability enhancements in the launch but did not reveal the precise particulars about the same.Although, Clips app by Apple has not been able to achieve healthy up to now, let’s wish that with this new update, the company can lure more users to their video editing tool.So, if you want to try out the free app, it can be downloaded from the App Store.

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