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Neuro-Technologies Integrated With MRI Devices to Aid Medical Diagnostics Safe

Neuro-Technologies Integrated With MRI Devices to Aid Medical Diagnostics Safe

Medical and healthcare sector is among the top industries that have witnessed a drastic shift in terms of the technology advancement. With the development of smart technologies that work on artificial intelligence and are cost-effective, the medical equipment market is flooded with tons of intelligent devices and equipment.

Researchers at Purdue University are working on a technology that can deliver self-learning, smart, and an affordable device.The device if assembled into the MRI machines will aid doctors and medical professionals to examine and diagnose patients more safely and effectively through recording and medical imaging.

The researchers from Purdue had recently submitted their conclusion including Wireless recording system incorporated with MR-scanner for Simultaneous EEG, Gradient Artifact free, fMRI acquisition, and Multimodal Imaging at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine conference held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their articles also received recognition and were awarded ISMRM magna cum laude merit and other scientific merits.

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Nishant Babaria and Ranajay Mandal, graduate research assistants in Purdue College of Engineering were the key developers of the technology. The project was carried out under the supervision of an assistant professor Zhongming Liu from Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

MRI is the most common imaging machine utilized in all medical facilities to generate high-quality information of the specific organ and body. When a patient is going through an MRI scanning, it is intricate to examine the ECG, brainwaves, and biological signals. The MRI equipment doesn’t always fulfill the desired data that is required for the clinicians. To fetch the whole data, the intricate clinical values and scientific values have to be combined on a single platform by using various technologies.

The technology that is developed can function parallel with any MRI system to document the electro-physical signals during the scanning. The device projects to understand the start and stop mechanism to capture the valuable signals at the time of an MRI operation.

Mandal said, “We have created a tiny mechanism that can be integrated with any imaging devices and deliver expected results that cannot be achieved through MRI, due to which doctors will get more data to diagnose and better understand the condition of the patients.”

Barbaria said, “Many researchers from around dozen universities placed a request for their research, but at this position, we are looking forward to get deep into its application perspective and will hand over the device to those who need it, only after we finish the testing and finalize it.”

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