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Strategic Collaboration Signed Between Ashok Leyland and Sun Mobility

Strategic Collaboration Signed Between Ashok Leyland and Sun Mobility

A step towards advancing India’s engineering potential and motivate the innovation continues. Recently, a partnership was declared among Sun Mobility and Hinduja Group’s flagship brand Ashok Leyland. The action was announced by the founder of Reva, Chetan Maini, and Vice Chairman of Sun group, Uday Khemka. The company claims that this alliance will help to build superior electric mobility solutions and boost India’s capacity to compete in the global market.

Sun Mobolity

Ashok Leyland has been a dominating player in heavy duty trucks segments and is more involved in producing hybrid buses and electric buses that are available in both CNG as well as diesel options. Sun Mobility endeavors to be the primary contributor of universal energy services and infrastructure to speed up electric vehicle utilization in mass numbers.

Sun Mobility intends to modernize the transportation sector by arranging open-architecture based ecosystem that can be created around the rapid interchangeable battery stations and proprietary of smart batteries. The battery stations if electrified by the renewable energy sources will reduce the refueling cost and operate faster than the petrol/diesel pumps.

Managing Director and CEO of Ashok Leyland, Vinod K Dasari, said, “We at Ashok Leyland have always tried to promote the Indian engineering and innovation to place the country in a better position with sophisticated solutions. In the country, we are the first to accomplish the compliance of BS3 emission by utilizing a mechanical fuel pump and to develop a BS4 solution based on SCR in 2010.”

Ashok Leyland and Sun Mobility

He further said, “The latest development seems to be performing exceptionally well and we are augmenting our capacity to meet the escalating demand of the customers on iEGR vehicle solution. The partnership will flourish India with world class solutions that are developed in India and by the Indians. We are gratified with the alliance and expect to innovate loads of new products at the earliest.”

Ashok Leyland and Sun Mobility

Sun Mobility is functioned under 50:50 partnership between Sun New Energy Systems and Virya Mobility 5.0 and is focused on the areas of electric mobility and clean energy.
Vice Chairman of Sun Mobility, Chetan Maini, said, “The alliance will support the nation by developing cost-effective and competitive electric mobility solutions, and pollution-free product. With the integration of Sun Mobility’s smart batteries and rapid interchange battery stations along with Ashok Leyland’s expertise in electric vehicles, we will be able to deliver superior electric mobility solutions.”

The terms of the inked pact aren’t disclosed and the next action plans of both the companies are yet to be revealed.

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