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Chat Apps to Be Obliged to Provide Encrypted Messages by Australia

The increasing use of encrypted messages by terrorists to communicate with their companions is becoming a serious threat. With the wake of this, as per the new regulations, social media giants such as WhatsApp and Facebook will be required to hand over encrypted messages of inferred terrorist and other offenders with Australian police.This step was taken after Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister, cautioned that encrypted messages were progressively being used by drug traffickers,pedophile rings, and terrorists, demanding for legislation to be reorganized tolet police to do their work.

He said, “We need to make sure that the Internet is not utilized as a dark place for corruptindividuals to fur their unlawfuldeeds from the regulation. The tech giants must accept their responsibility. They cannot just forgo it and say it has nothing to do with them.” At present, the Australian authorities can acquiredata from telecommunications companies, but not the Internet organizations that use data encryption to assure their user confidentiality.

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Basically, encryption includes complex algorithms that scrambleinformation to make it unreadabletillit reaches its endpoint or when unlocked by its holder. Turnbull said, “Owingtothe end-to-end encryption, all of that data,all of that information, that conversation is efficientlyobscure to the reach of the regulation. And that is not standard. We are a democracy, a society, under the tenet of regulation, and the law must exist online and offline as well.”

The laws will be presentedtoParliament by the year end.George Brandis, the Attorney-General, said the law would be analogous to the Investigatory Powers Act of Britain, which enforcesacompulsion on firms to cooperate with inquiries.They would offerthe law enforcement authorities and Australian intelligence with coercive controls as a “last resort” if tech firms did not willingly help. He said, “It is extremelyindispensable that the improvement of technology doesn’t leave the regulation behind.”

Nevertheless, so far, Silicon Valley tech firms have denied to bend to analogous legal requests. Turnbull also told that Amber Rudd, the British Home Secretary, will be traveling to the US shortly to talk over the subject with her American equivalent and tech companies. In the previous year, the US Government had engaged in a legal combat with Apple, trying to coerce the iPhone maker to assist in decrypting a device utilized by one of the muggers in the San Bernardino shooting riot. Eventually, the case was dropped by the system on discovering a method to break into the iPhone without the assistance of Apple.

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