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“Age Check” On Online Pornography From 2018

Looking at the cyber abuse, bullying, and misuse, the government has taken up the decision of setting up an“age check” for the online pornography. It will first be inculcated in the U.K. The countdown has begun.

According to Digital Minister Matt Hancock, the under-18s protection is the basic reason behind the instigation of implementing the Digital Economy Act.The finalization of the rules and regulations has yet to be confirmed as well as the implementation date has yet to be decided.There will be new laws of punishment for the violation of the provision of the subtitles for the catch-ups on TV and stealing of concert tickets using bots to get high scores.

The age limit concept will be applied to any service that will provide pornography on a commercial scale to the public in theU.K. If anybody refuses to comply with the norms then they will be fined and told to withdraw the support. In addition to all this, the alert watchdogs can block the services of the Internet providers refusing to follow the norms or having access to non-compliant services.


The idea that the Ministers plan to implement is to ask the credit cards details prior to having access to the pornographic service as in the U.K. a consumer has to be above 18 Years of age to own a credit card.The body incharge of the service will be appointed by autumn. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has already started working on the implementation of the act.

The children, especially the teenagers are so inquisitive and curious that they are always hunting for new things to fascinate themselves.The child protection charities such as Childnet are also lending a hand in the enforcement of the new law. The basic plan is to keep the children safe from the exposure whether on purpose or accidental to the adult content. The restriction will help reduce the effects it has on children.

Currently, all the service providers and the people are waiting for the law to be enforced. The younger age group should no longer stumble over pornography or any adult content in the coming years is what the Ministry plans. There will be changes made in the penalty charges for online piracy from 2 Years to 10 Years and also simplifying the plan of installing the mobile or broadband infrastructure.


Thus, the Digital Economy Act will help build a safe, secure, and connected economy. It will also help the consumers and keep the children protected online owing to the governments’ proposal of radical transformation in the online pornography services.

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