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D-Link Smart Plugs Compatible With Google Assistant

The development in manufacturers from the technologysector is currently surging up due to various research and advancements in the field. The manufacturers are always in the mode of developing new devices that can meet the needs of the people. The Taiwanese company “D-Link” has recently developed networking equipment. The equipment is a “mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug” that is made such that it is compatible with Google Assistant installed in the Google Home and also some suitable for iPhones or Android smartphones.

The mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plugs models are “DSP-W110and DSP-W215” that have been designed by the Taiwanese manufacturer.The Smart Plugs can be turned on or off using the virtual assistant and also command to perform various tasks using the “Ok Google” commands. To get the Smart Plugs started may seem a little tedious but that it is not the case. All that one has to do is to configure the plugs. For this, the user has to log into the Settings menu of the Google Home device or the Google Assistant app and click on the Home control option in order to activate the plugs. After this, the plugs are ready to get coupled with the Smart Home device and virtual assistant. Isn’t it easy?


The Smart Plugs open a new world of opportunityfor the homeowners who wish toaccess their appliances even when they are not present at home. The owners no longer need to worry about turning off the washing machine, lights,and other home-related tasks as all they need to do are to command the Smart Plugs to turn off using the voice control.D-Link Smart Plugs are the first of its kind of mydlink products to be compatible with the Google Assistant.

The network equipment manufacturers only look forward to expanding its Google Assistant compatible devices in order to help their customers control the home automated devices present at their homes with ease.


Google has a number of Smart Home devices been launched into the market every year; hence, the market seems open to all the ranges of the D-Link products including the latest plug. The compatibility with the Google Assistant integrated smart devices opens a huge chance of possibility for the networking product manufacturers on a global basis.

D-Link supports unified network solutions so as to connect individuals to their homes, businesses, and so on using the services provided by them.

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