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Malayalam Actor Dileep Arrested In an Assault Case

Currently, the conspiracy case has sent shock waves to the Malayalam industry. Many actors and actresses still cannot digest the fact that Malayalam Actor Dileep would have any involvement in the matter. However, on July 10, 2017, the actor was arrested on the basis of the evidence obtained. The actor is said to be the brainchild behind the abduction and assault case of the South Indian actress.

The actor is alleged to give a man 1.5 Crore and carry out the heinous crime. If sources are to be believed he did so to take revenge from the actress as he considered her responsible for his divorce from his first wife Manju Warrier. In February of this year, the man contracted along with Pulsar Suni and the actress’s driver molested the actress in her moving car for about 2 Hours and clicked her nude pictures as well.

After the actress filed a complaint, the investigation of the case started on full-fledged.The police have been able to get hold of six people along with actor Dileep and director Nadirshah in remand. According to Pulsar Suni, the actor is the reason why they had committed the crime.Malayalam Actor Dileep had earlier complained of some unknown man blackmailing him and it is now clear that Suni had received a phone when in the cell using which the call was made. No one has a clue about it and thus the police are still investigating the matter.

Malayalam Actor Dileep

The police have assured the actress’ family and the people that Malayalam Actor Dileep will be treated as any other assailant. The arrest is a part of the investigation. As per the Kerala Police Chief Loknath Behra, the actor has been arrested on the basis of fool-proof evidence. The actor will be produced before the magistrate court.

The incident has resulted in an outrage among the fans in Kerala. The Malayalam industry is badly shaken after the revelation. The actor’s property such as theater and hotels has been under a threat and the police have tightened the security over the properties.“There are still many other sharks involved” is what Pulsar Suni has to say. Thus, police plan to get to the core of the matter as soon as possible.

Malayalam Actor Dileep

The actor has been sacked from the Association of Malayalam Movies Artistes after a decision in Kochi at actor Mamooty’s house. The arrest of actor Dileep has brought a lot of relief to the actress’ family as well as a group of Malayalam actress’ from the Women in Cinema Collective.

Police hope to solve the case soon and put the culprits behind the bars.

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