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Health ministry to relax specialization eligibility to beat the issue of doctor scarcity

Health ministry to relax specialization eligibility to beat the issue of doctor scarcity

Indian medical sector has been shattered by Gorakhpur incidence. Death casualties of children have again spotted the focus on the lack of specialist doctors, healthcare workers, nurse, and medical caretakers, majorly in the government hospitals that are located in remote regions. In another push to address this difficulty, the ministry of health is pondering to recreate the eligibility qualification standards for specialists and healthcare workers who can deal with life intimidating serious medical circumstances.

The service wants to soon perceive diplomas from certain well reputed medical institutes to change over MBBS doctors into experts, enabling them to legitimately perform surgeries and vital measures. It is also acquiring arrangements to rope in mid-level medicinal services laborers and Ayush experts to do noninvasive premature births, deliveries and do certain sorts of intercession for treatment of the non-communicable ailment.

“The government intends to recognize the diplomas from Maharashtra’s College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) in the country to change the MBBS doctors into the specialists. MCI also gave a green signal to the plan,” said a senior official of health ministry.

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At present as per the protocols, an MBBS doctor devoid of PG degree isn’t permitted to perform anesthetic procedures, surgeries, or C-section. Only specialists can take care of the noncommunicable diseases.

As per the survey, about 1 Lakh doctors appear for post-graduation examination per year in India, but only 25,000 of them manage to clear the test. As a conclusion majority of the hospitals function without doctors or are the doctors are recruited on a contract basis, who carry out practice at many facilities.
The team from central government that visited BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur, where the death of 70 children occur identified and noted in the report that there are 8 out of 12 vacant posts for specialist or senior resident in the hospitals.

The numbers of specialist (MD residents) present on the floor was four out of 12 and are expected to be on the floor to offer 24X7 services and not limiting it to the routine hours. MD resident is the post, who takes all the require decision and performs the action in terms of patient care.

The present condition in the hospital is that the patients are treated by junior residents post routine hours, who are still learning to handle the sick patients. The hospital also has a scarcity of other supporting staff such as trained nurses, as per the report.

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