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Can low-calorie burgers and pizza fix child obesity problem?

Currently, the rate of munching on the junk foods(burgers and pizzas) is high. Hence, the junk food consumption and obesity are two sides of the same coin. Looking at the increasing need to keep the people in shape, the food-concerned officials and researchers have decided to cut down on the calories in pizza, ready meals, and burgers in order to tackle the problem of child obesity, especially found in the foreign countries.

The food industry is looking up to Public Health England (PHE) so as to make more money from selling low-calorie foods but in a small amount. However, the response of the researchers and certain consumers has been cold so the food industry considers itself to be helpless. The increasing number of takeaways from restaurants and food vendors in the urban areas is a siren for the regulations to take a call on the root cause of the problem. The chances of obesity are high in the well-to-do children and just the opposite in the poor children due to social inequality in the society. Can the low calorie call now effect brings about a change in the society?


Is the reduction in the weight of the food products and keeping the product price same fair? It’s a tough question. But, it is surely going to create a huge backlash between the food industry and the consumers. The effects have already started for the foods being sold in the supermarkets. The other route suggested by the PHE is keeping the portion sizes the same but changing the calorie or formulations in it. For instance, the salt content reduction in the processed food is also a strategy that can be used by the manufacturers. However, the way calories would be used is yet to be revealed.

The low-calorie food products is nothing new as the alternatives for the fats and carbohydrates or use water to produce bulk out foods is already being implemented. It is not as simple as it may seem.

burgers and pizzas

The indigestible and artificial sweeteners or fats added to food for calorie reduction such potato crisps and others may lead to a number of health issues including diarrhea, abdominal cramps, weight gain, and so on. The food industry has gained success in the low-calorie milk such as semi-skimmed or skimmed milk over the low-calorie burgers and pizzas has proved to be a huge success. The healthier foods are expensive compared to the standardized versions; hence, it is of no benefit to the certain group of consumers like the poor.

The low energy density that is below 3 kcal/g is preferred if weight gain chances have to be kept under strict control and activity level of the children have to be increased based on the age and gender. Though reformulating the food products may make it healthy but there is no substitute for vegetables and fruits. Thus, it is for the family to decide the right choice for their children.

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