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Fight Against Chronic Disease and Improve Your Health with Muay Thai Program

Chronic disease is the name given to a series of health problems that develop over time. An example of chronic disease is diabetes, but also hypertension and dyslipidemia (blood lipid imbalances). They usually have adverse outcomes when they aggravate and cause complications such as heart attack, stroke, diabetic foot, and even death in some cases. One of the most common advice to prevent chronic health problems is increasing your physical activity, and that’s why we want to introduce you to Muay Thai, a millenary tradition in Thailand with many health benefits, including the prevention of chronic disease.

Chronic Disease and Improve Your Health

Training Muay Thai might seem complicated, but it is made simple and fun in our training camps, which are dispersed all over Thailand and should be a part of your visit to our country. In these training camps, we focus on Muay Thai as a discipline to improve your fitness levels, achieve speedy weight loss, and prevent chronic disease. But you may start to wonder why do we consider Muay Thai as a healthy discipline to practice?

First off, Muay Thai does not rely on your legs or arms only. You need to practice this sport with all of your body, and it turns out to be the perfect sport for those who want to shape their body and increase their fitness level. It will give you functional strength and resistance to your legs, arms, torso, and even your glutes. Thus, Muay Thai will not only shape your body but also make it work better to perform any physical activity in your daily life.

Additional to the athletic and fitness applications, Muay Thai is considered to be a complete sport that joins both aerobic and anaerobic training to speed up your metabolism and achieve rapid weight loss. Such weight loss is the result of up to 700 calories burnt in only one session along with proper bodyweight training that will improve your muscle mass and make you burn more calories in your day-to-day.

All of these benefits might seem to be different from one another, but they are profoundly interconnected, and they all reach out to improve your health. Increasing your athletic and fitness levels will work out your heart and cardiovascular function, reducing the risk of many cardiovascular diseases and many complications if you already have hypertension or another health issue.

By training Muay Thai, you will also reduce your body weight, which means you will have less fatty tissue, reduce inflammation, and control your blood lipids. Chalong Muay Thai with many programs is a good camp. All of these health benefits prevent chronic disease and reduces the risk of complications if you already have one. Of course, it will always be advisable to ask your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, especially if you’ve had severe cardiovascular health problems. So, reach out to our training camps, have fun learning Muay Thai, and fight off disease and chronic health problems while having a good time.

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