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A Project by Google Intended to Enhance AI and Machine Learning: PAIR

In recent years, Google has taken several steps in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). And now, the tech giant has pronounced a new project intended at enhancing the human–AI interaction. The initiative,named“People plus Artificial Intelligence Research” or “PAIR,”is said to be focusedon the AI’s human side: the association between technology and users.

PAIR will bring individuals across Google together,from professionals to researchers, to explore all the diverse ways AI can be utilized and how individuals can work together with the AI systems. As per the company, the research by PAIR is considering3major needs of theuser, how AI can be utilized as a device in routine life, how practical AI development can be imparted to engineers, and how it can function for experts to make their workssimpler. Google Brain researchers, Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg will guide the PAIR groupcomprising 12 employees.


Besides publishing research, the tech giant is also open sourcing new tools, producing educational content (such as guiding principle for developing AI interfaces) to lengthenAI’s reach to as many individuals as possible. The 2 new tools consist of Facets Dive and Facets Overview, which are intendedfor engineers to comprehendand examine data better. By receiving the fundamentals of machine learning accurately, Google anticipates that soon AI will enable language processing and facial recognition with better precision.

The company also said it would be introducing more tools in future similar to Facets and also set up new residencies and grants to sponsor research. Such study in AI is also being taken on by other organizationssuch asMIT Media Lab and Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund by Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society of Harvard University, as well as OpenAI of Elon Musk, to name a few.


If PAIR can assist in incorporating AI more easily into industries such as healthcare,for instance, it can help fetch new consumers to the AI-centric cloud business of Google. Viegas says she also hopes to functionmeticulously with the product teamsatGoogle, such as the Google Assistant team. Such association can be productive if it is successfulto keep people more involved with the product, which functions as a doorway to the company’s underlying ad business and broader services.

In the previous year, Google had joined forces with IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon to launch the conglomerate on AI, and believes that PAIR will be completing the objectives of the partnership such as open source research, inclusion, and transparency on AI research.

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