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Country-Specific Home Pages Being Tested By Reddit Highlighting “Geo Popular” Material

With an intention to make the user experience better, Reddit is now reviewing a new approach to make its front page more ad rem to its readers. The social discussion and aggregation website is validatingcustomized home pages on the basis of the location of readers in selected places. The firm confirmed that it has been exploring “geo popular” home pages.

As a part of the trial, readers in Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Mexico can see a banner when they go to reporting them of the new home page. However, it is not clear whether the signed in and registeredusers are also a part of the test.In atrial from India, it was found that numerous stories from the r/cricket and r/Indiasubreddits occupied the home page—it is no surprise as the popularity of sports in this country is well known. Reddit is also allowing the users to swap to the home page of any of the abovementioned countries. Apart from this, they also opt to switch to the worldwide, that is, universal home page.


A spokesperson of Reddit said, “We have been exploring new geo-based famous feeds as a means to provide more pertinentmaterial to users on the basis of their location.We will be fine-tuning as we get the users’ feedback. Also, the user will be able to switch locations to see famous posts in other geographical regions or universally.” However, nothing was mentioned by him about when would be the company planning to release this new feature to its users.

An analyst hailed the change and said personalized homepage would lure more to a reader. Founder and Chief Analyst at Jackdaw Research, Jan Dawson, said, “I would say that accessing Reddit on a worldwide basis is always expected to incline toward the US content, for instance,at present,at top of the front page of has 2 stories about the US politics. However, those arenot essentially the stories site visitors from the United Kingdomor Mexicowant to see first, so presenting them more relevant material makes a lot of sense.”

He further added, “Google, key news websites, and several of other sites already display nativeeditions of their home pages in diverse countries and areas, so Reddit is simply following a well-established trend here. It is keen,though, to provide users the choice of observing a distinct version of the site too; few visitors may plainlywish to see the US version or any other version.”

For now, all we can do is wait for the official release of this new feature.

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