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Find Answers to your GST Portal through the HelpDesk Portal

Goods and Services Taxes have started being enrolled from July 1, 2017. The GST is currently the hot topic of the town. Some of the entrepreneurs still do not want to comply with the GST rules and regulations due to the necessary increase in the prices. The concept of GST has its pros and cons depending on the object on which it is applied. The GST is a taxation concept that most of the small entrepreneurs are still finding it difficult to understand.For making it easier for them as well as the commoners to understand “what exactly GST is about?”a tax consultancy firm “EY” has come up with a solution.

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EY has developed a new portal named “GST helpdesk” wherein the smaller organization owners can post their queries on the current indirect tax regime being followed. The answer to the queries is given by a group of indirect tax professionals. As per EY, there are about 800 GST practitioners’ present around 14 cities in the country. The new portal is expected to help people understand and comply with the GST regulations.

EY has also started DigiGST website, EY_India on Twitter, and EY India Tax Insights App where an individual can easily post their queries. The helpdesk is currently free for all the smaller traders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs so as to make their transition to GST simpler. It has been made compulsory by the Indian Government to include the GST on most of the products. Thus, all the businessmen are trying to switch to GST as soon as possible and this facility eases the process.

g helpdThough the GST inclusion may seem tedious at the start, it may smoothen as time passes by. The entrepreneurs have to change their software so as to include the GST regime and also start adapting to the current return filing and invoice generation concept. In short, the software has to be updated to comply with the GST requirements.

The GST helpdesk can also be used as a way of encouraging the small businessmen to realize the advantages of the GST and include it into their business. The basic idea behind this is to include excise, VAT, and service tax in order to help India to reach the skies in the goods and services market in the coming years. The Indian Government has a number of facilities such as the GST app, helpdesk, taxation professionals, and so on for helping out traders understand the GST regime properly and follow it when required.

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