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Bengaluru Metro Stations Turning Out to Be Incubation Centers for City’s Startups

There is no time to waste in huge queues of traffic congestion. Bangalore is one top-ranking city in terms of traffic concerns. So instead of the traveling for hours through cities and reaching out to the workplaces, there are some innovative startups that work at the metro stations.


Prithvi Sankar, a part of the business development team at Hyperloop India and 40 others hop out of the metro station and get straightway into the workplace. The team is racing against the span to create a pod prototype for Hyperloop Pod Design competition led by Elon Musk aerospace company SpaceX in California. There are just six weeks left for the competition.

The students of BITS Pilani Engineering faculty established Hyperloop India team and are working furiously 24×7 at Workbench Projects, which is lab under the Ulsoor Metro station. Bengaluru Metro is rapidly transforming into a startup hub as early-stage startups are utilizing the metro spaces as incubation centers and co-working spaces;this scenario can be seen at various metro stations.

After Ulsoor, at Trinity station, Candor Management Services Ltd., a professional management service organization, has set up an incubation center. Following this, two more incubation centers can be seen, one at the Vijayanagar station by an IT company and other is proposed at Indira Nagar station by Karnataka state IT department.


UA Vasanth Rao, general manager for finance at Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. said, “Beside Ulsoor, a startup incubation center has just been set up at Trinity station by professional management services firm Candor Management Services Ltd. Two more incubation centers, one by an IT company at the Vijayanagar station and another by the Karnataka state IT department that is proposed at Indira Nagar station.

The convergence of new-economy businesses and modern-day transport system through incubation centers and co-working spaces, ought to witness better result looking at future about hundreds of startups are expected to find metro stations as home. “Our judgment was extremely subjective by the actuality that Bengaluru is the IT capital. And we wanted the metro to symbolize the objective of the startup community,” Rao said.

Thirumugan S, founder and managing director of Candor Management Services, said, “The fortitude of the Metro is related to public good, collaboration, and innovation. We expect that the idea would dart all the way through the startups that would emerge out of this space.”

Candor Management has till date delivered consulting services to startups such as eVidyaloka, Urban Ladder, Aspire Infosoft, Fashionara, and Delhivery.

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