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Apple’s Next Move

Apple is deeply engaged in fitness and health, which is quite clear. For anyone who also owns an iPhone, the Apple Watch is a go-to fitness device. As per a report, Apple Watch contributes 49% of the worldwide smartwatch industry whereas the next 2 nearest contestants are Samsung (15%) and FitBit (17%).


One of the rumors going on in the market is manufacture of device used to monitor glucose in blood. Watch only has sensors that can monitor heart rate and these are not able to detect glucose levels in the blood. So the only clear option might be particular bands with this inbuilt functionality or an individual wearable, which can also connect with iPhone and Watch.

Remember that this might be a huge deal since it would be a non-invasive kind of device for monitoring. In order to take the reading, conventional devices used to monitor glucose do have to link with the skin. To check levels of sugar in a non-invasive way is a huge technological confront. In case of the inbuilt functionality of the watch band, it might also require to have an inbuilt battery as normal bands can’t take energy from the watch.

There are other chances besides the monitoring of sugar in the blood. Apple might join with sportswear firms such as Nike and Adidas for smart shoes and clothing. Again, this might indicate that the clothing might have inbuilt sensors to track heartbeat and levels of activity as well as will transfer this information to the Watch wirelessly.

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You may have heard about Apple’s platform that assists connect the Watch with gym tools, GymKit. People wearing Watch just need to grip it up to compatible equipment of gym such as indoor bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers to get a synchronized data and modified workout plans. The idea is straightforward: gym equipment normally supervises most of your levels but they do not always refer to the data, which your Watch is providing you. The gym equipment might offer more precise information of distance whereas Watch will be more precise with data of heart rate. With the help of GymKit, this information would be in sync.

The next software upgrade (WatchOS 4) will also provide new features of fitness such as personalized motivation and coaching, new features of music (music can begin robotically with exercises), and high-intensity interval training. Apart from the WatchOS 4 and GymKit features, all this is clearly an imagination. Everything will be revealed in coming days.

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