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Anti-Microbial Coatings Market To Report Lucrative Growth, Revenue To Surge To US$ 5.30 Billion By 2022

With the presence of a large pool of participants, the global anti-microbial coatings market is displaying a highly competitive business landscape, finds a new research report by Zion Market Research (ZMR). AK Coatings Inc., Sciessent LLC, Fiberlock Technologies Inc., and Sureshield Coatings Company are some of the key vendors of anti-microbial coatings across the world. These players across anti-microbial coatings market are focusing aggressively on innovation, as well as on including advanced technologies in their existing products. Over the coming years, they are also expected to take up partnerships and mergers and acquisitions as their key strategy for business development, states the anti-microbial coatings market study.

In a key breakthrough, in August 2018, inspired by the use of shark skin as anti-bacterial material, researchers at University of Massachusetts Amherst created a 3D-printed material that finds effective application as an anti-bacterial coating in hospitals. Reportedly, it was found that the durable coating material reduced the microbial attachment to the surface along with inactivation or killing of microorganisms attached to the surface.

As estimated in this report, the global anti-microbial coatings market stood at US$2.74 billion in 2016. Witnessing a tremendous rise during the period from 2016 to 2022, the revenue in this anti-microbial coatings market is expected to reach US$5.30 billion by the end of the forecast period. The main products available in this market are antimicrobial powder coatings and surface modifications & coatings. Among the two, the demand for surface modification & coatings is relatively higher and the trend is anticipated to remain so over the next few years, notes the anti-microbial coatings market research report.

Need For Arresting Multiplication Of Microorganism To Enhance Market Scope

“Escalating product demand across the healthcare sector for preventing the proliferation of microorganisms on the coating surfaces is likely to enlarge the business scope over the coming years,” says the author of this study. Apart from this, strict laws promoting the use of anti-microbial coatings along with the rising product popularity in high-end residential & commercial construction activities will further fuel the anti-microbial coatings market size in the near future.

Stringent rules governing the product quality along with the health issues pertaining to the use of silver during the coating process, however, is likely to impede the progression of anti-microbial coatings market over the next few years. Nevertheless, launching of new technologies for enhancing the product quality are projected to generate lucrative avenues for anti-microbial coatings market in the years ahead, thereby normalizing the impact of hindrances on the anti-microbial coatings market, reports the anti-microbial coatings market study.

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Strict Regulations To Help North America Maintain Regional Dominance

Regionally, North America has been leading the worldwide anti-microbial coatings market and is anticipated to continue on the dominant position in the years to come, states the anti-microbial coatings market study. Strict government legislations enforcing and promoting the extensive use of the product in various sectors is the main factor behind the dominance of the North America anti-microbial coatings market. The high number of market players being headquartered in North America is another significant factor that is supporting this regional anti-microbial coatings market.

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