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Kid’s Inclination towards The Fidget Spinner Has the School Management and Parents Worried

Fidget spinner is currently the game in town that has got the kids attention. It is a Chinese made toy that has got even the roadside markets selling a lot of them. The pros and cons of the spinner are still a controversy. The new toy has been actually developed for the children dealing with autism,anxiety, and other concentration hampering diseases. But all the kids are in want of it due to its striking colorful appearance and ease in playing.


Due to the kids being constantly glued to the fidget spinner, the school management as well as the parents are in great concern.They have been trying everything they can to keep their kids out of using the game while studying or during the classroom hours.What has got the management and the parents anxious is the addiction of the spinner among the children of all the age groups. Though it had been developed to enhance the attention and reduce the stress or anxiety, it is currently got another effect on its users.

The schools have taken up the decision of checking the students before entering the schools so as to avoid the use of the toy in the school premises. The ease in the availability of the toy, be it in the roadside markets or the online shopping sites,has soared up the toys sale.The children are so addicted to the toy that couldn’t let it out of their site even for a second.

There are no proofs regarding its benefit for the autistic, hyperactive, attention-deficit patients or even the individuals wanting to stay awake during long drives andwanting to quit smoking.Even the parents who have purchased it for their autistic kids haven’t found it useful. Hence, they want to stop the spread of the infection of the fidget spinner addiction.


It nowhere enhances the concentration or brings out the creative skills in the children; all it does is distract them.When you spin it,the more you feel like spinning it in between your fingers, thumb, or on the table. All you want is keep doing it again and again.

The healthcare professionals have raised their eyebrows regarding its use among the kids as a concentration enhancer. It is high time the officials take the matter into their hands and stop the sale of the fidget spinner before the number of kids addicted to it escalates.

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