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Pond Liners Market: Increasing Need For Water Retention Likely To Drive Market Revenue

The escalating need for retaining liquids in parks, gardens, and reservoirs is likely to boost the demand for pond liners over the next few years. Furthermore, the rising number of mining activities and environmental concerns witnessed across the global population will further impel the pond liners market size. With rapid repletion of water bodies resulting in water crises across the globe, the conservation of water has become the need of an hour. This, in turn, is likely to boost the popularity of pond liners across the globe within a span of next few years.

Pond liners find rampant applications across the mining sector, owing to its favorable features such as longevity, puncture resistance, and ability to resist corrosion. Furthermore, pond liners have the ability to sustain in tough climatic conditions. Pond liners can resist change occurring due to its contact with heavy metals or chemical solvents, thereby making its use more prominent across the mining sector.

Apart from the mining sector, pond liners find extensive applications in salt farming, tunnel liners, waste management, coal ash containment, floating baffles, and water management. The beneficial features of pond liners, including high resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion will boost the business space. In addition to this, ease of deployment and flexibility in installation is likely to create more demand for the product in present as well as in the near future.

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Rising incidences of oil & grease contamination due to oil spills in the water bodies such as rivers and oceans is expected to increase the popularity of pond liners. However, slow economic development and low awareness pertaining to the green environment in a few of the regions in Middle East & Africa is likely to inhibit the industry expansion in the region.
Growing need to store water in retention tanks build for a farming purpose is likely to propel the application of pond liners across the agriculture sector.

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