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Increased Human Life Span And Health Consciousness To Drive Clinical Nutrition Market


Clinical nutrition is the nutrition that helps in the management of indoor as well as outdoor patients. It helps in keeping the energy balance in patients. Increased concern about health has convinced people to take help of clinical nutrition.

There is an increasing demand for infant nutritional products with a rising number of working mothers and urbanization. This increase in demand has worked as a fuelling factor for the growth of the industry. With the increase in human lifespan, there is an increase in the number of older people in the world. This has boosted the adult section of clinical nutrition and is expected to see a significant growth in the industry.

Increasing frequencies of various chronic diseases such as diabetes will boost the growth of the global clinical nutrition market. The growing number of premature births is also supposed to drive clinical nutrition market.

People adopting unhealthy diet habits along with lack of physical activity are more prone to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. These diseased conditions fuel the growth of the industry.

However, the demand for the clinical nutrition products that contain probiotics and prebiotics is increasing as compared to the traditional clinical nutrition products. This has opened up a new section in the global clinical nutrition market.

Recently, Laïta, a French dairy cooperative, announced that it is launching a novel global nutrition division. The company has named this division as ESI Nutrition. The recent launch is supposed to boost the growth of the global clinical nutrition industry by holding the capability to provide high-quality products in the health and nutrition sector.

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Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager, EPI Ingredients, is appointed as a marketing manager of ESI. He proclaimed that the company aims to be a global leader in offering high-quality pre-packaged solutions covering all areas of the health and nutrition market. He added that the company aims to provide nutrition for all individuals including infants, clinical, and all others in between.

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