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Contact Lenses Market: Rising Cases Of Vision Problems Across The Globe To Impel Market Growth

Rising cases of myopia, presbyopia, and hyperopia witnessed across the world are anticipated to contribute substantially towards the expansion of contact lenses market.  Introduction of new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and AI are projected to upsurge the business growth.

Contact lenses are designed in a way that helps in correcting the refractive errors of the vision, thereby maintain the ocular health. These products help in providing a clear image and vision as compared to corrective glasses. The key benefit of wearing contact lenses is that an individual can wear it in any climate.

Research has unveiled that young population accustomed towards playing video games, watching television, and operating Smartphone & laptops is more susceptible to distant vision problems as compared to adults. This is likely to result in escalating requirement for contact lenses over other eyewear such as eyeglasses, thereby further stimulating the contact lenses industry demand.

It has been estimated that a large portion of Asian population has been facing with the nearsightedness problems. A study conducted by WHO has revealed that nearly half of the Indian population is affected due to poor vision problems. Researchers have proved that a big chunk of Chinese youth is affected due to nearsightedness.

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Medical experts have predicted that negligence towards correcting vision problems may lead to the huge rise in the healthcare expenditure globally. This has generated a global awareness towards the eye wear utility that also includes contact lenses. Furthermore, clinical research has justified that wearing contact lenses is one of the safest ways to correct the vision problem. This is anticipated to drive the global contact lenses market trends over the coming years.

In April 2018, Scientists working at University of Birmingham had created contact lenses that will help patients with blindness for red-green color by using a low-cost dye.

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