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3D Scanning Market: Growing Need To Preserve Historical Monuments To Majorly Drive The Market

3D scanning is gaining huge traction across medical, media, and aerospace sectors, owing to adoption of innovative technologies. Product innovations have leveraged the 3D scanning industry with structured light scanners, optical scanners, and laser scanners dominating the business space.

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The 3D scanning technique has assisted the museums across the globe in digitally preserving old archives, portraits, statues, and artifacts. For instance, museums use the technology to produce 3D prints of the bust for the visually impaired individuals as well as for the sale in retail stores. With growing armed conflicts, natural disasters, and corrosion endangering the existence of historical sites & artifacts, 3D scanning technique is becoming more popular across the globe.

World organizations such as UNESCO have made use of 3D scanning systems & 3D printing technology to revive old & historical monuments in Syria, including 2000-year old statue Lion of Al-lat in Palmyra, damaged by militant organization ISIS post invasion of the country.

Recently, the application of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) technique is gaining momentum in archaeology. For the record, TLS provides digitally 3D scanned copies of site terrains, objects, and structures. The ability to offer exact as well as well-documented information within a short time has substantially contributed towards the penetration of 3D scanning technique across various sectors.

3D scanning technology has witnessed yet another innovation with laser scanners using drone-mounted cameras for examining the pictures. Furthermore, the embedding of new features in the laser scanners is likely to boost the product demand prominently across various fields. These developments are expected to positively influence the growth of 3D scanning market over the years to come.

Today, 3D scanning systems are witnessing wide applications across rapidly evolving construction, automotive, and engineering sectors. In the major developments witnessed across the 3D scanning business space, Indian-based firm FARO has declared that it will purchase Opto-Tech SRL & its subsidiary Open Technologies SRL. The company sources have stated that the move will boost its 3D structured light scanning activities.

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