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Asian Countries Are Most Preferred Locations For Medical Tourism

Available technologically advanced hospitals, medical specialists, low-cost treatment centers, and electronic visas have helped make India one of Asia’s most dynamic tourist destinations.

According to the FICCI-IMS report, Indian hospitals are visited by more than 500,000 foreign patients each year.

They are mainly found in India for heart surgery, cosmetic, knee transplant surgery, and dental surgery, as the cost of treatment in India is considered the lowest in Asia.

General manager of sales and marketing, Sakra World Hospital, Sandeep KM, said, “Patients who come from the Western region, where there is NHA model, for example in the UK, there is high waiting period in the UK and Canada and the patient has waited a lot of time, so they usually come from there. Secondly, many countries do not have these services which we offer owing to the absence of required infrastructure for it.”

At present, Indian holds around 18% of the world medical tourism market. According to an estimate, the market for medical tourism values $9 Billion, and by 2020, it is projected to hold the 20% share of the global medical tourism market.

A large number of patients coming to India for treatment are from CIS, Africa, and South Asia.

Secretary, Tourism, Government of India, Rashmi Verma, said, “All NABH rated hospitals and services they provide are now accessible on the website, so it makes transparent enough to learn about the further procedures.”

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“All patients intending to visit India for treatment can visit this site and see what types of facilities are available and at what price, so they can choose where to go and how to go, and we also set up counters at airports in the cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, and others for those who come to India for medical tourism, she added.

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