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No! Artificial intelligence is not taking away your Jobs

Firms in India claim that the utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) has included jobs in their companies and witness little to no losses of job due to the technology, a report by consulting and IT firm, Capgemini, claimed this week.


Out of the 86 firms studied in India, more than 92% have made new roles of job associated to AI, even though a noteworthy part of the new jobs are in upper levels of management. More than 60% do not anticipate any losses of job from AI. “There is a type of resurgence in AI that is presently in progress. This makes a whole sequence of job roles and these job roles will evolve for all the time. In the ‘short to medium’ term, which is what the report aims on, there will not be enormous types of job losses,” Global CTO and Executive Vice-President for Insights & Data Practice of Capgemini, Ron Tolido, claimed to the media in an interview.

Internationally, seeing the big picture, 15% of the fresh job roles were for staff members made by AI, and that figure is merely 1% in India. Worldwide, almost 7% of the job roles made were in the C suite, in India that figure is around 22%. AI and the vision of more task being done by tools has elevated a great deal of worries of the effect on the labor force, particularly fears that the job slashes will be encountered by those with less skills.

Although respondents in India claimed that most of the present benefits were resulting from lower costs of labor, Tolido claimed that it was not a symbol of job slashes. “I lean to view it from the opinion of productivity. Your labor force has been improved with AI and can now is capable to do more.”

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More than 50% of the 86 firms applying AI technologies in India are doing well at a huge scale by implementing it all over a complete system. The others are still rolling out pilots to examine the procedures. On the other hand, out of the 135 firms studied in the U.K., over 65% were still in the pilot stage of their AI roll outs. India is also one of the top nations in applying AI at huge scale, the report claimed further. “This is not a shock. There are a huge number of innovation centers in the country,” said Tolido.

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