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Global Ventilator Market To Bolster Due To Increasing Technological Advancements


A ventilator is a device that is employed in the management of issues that a patient suffers while breathing. It is the final option for a patient who is undergoing from breathing issues and can’t maintain sufficient level of oxygen to live. Ventilators are primarily employed in the treatment of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), acute lung injury, apnea, and hypoxemia.

Most of the times, the device is also dubbed as the respirator or breathing machine. Typically, a patient is linked to the ventilator via a tube, dubbed as an endotracheal tube that is positioned in the windpipe. Most of the times, patients can employ ventilation that helps to breathe via a mouthpiece and mask. On the other hand, this might not operate in brutal respiratory issues.

Rising number of geriatric people is the main booster for the worldwide ventilators market. Geriatric people need long-standing ventilation for curing chronic respiratory diseases. These diseases elevate the requirement of ventilators. Rising occurrence of COPD and technical advancements in the field of optimistic pressure airway machines are also lending a helping hand in the development of worldwide ventilators market.

On the other hand, the high capital need is the main restraining factor for the global market of ventilators. Apart from this, risks linked to mechanical ventilation processes also hinder the development of the market. For example, the windpipe’s endotracheal tube makes it simpler for bacteria to enter into the lungs. This develops an infection, dubbed as pneumonia. In addition to this, ventilators force air into the lung. It might injure lungs by expanding them.

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The players are vigorously involved in new product development and technical enhancements so as to maintain their position in the industry. For instance, CareFusion Corporation in August 2014 rolled out an app on their Respiratory Knowledge Portal. The app was designed to assist doctors in enhancing levels of patient care for ventilated patients.

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