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Uber To Roll Out Technology That Would Determine If You Are Drunk


Uber to work on a technology that finds if users are drunk. The company’s patent application, published this week, describes a system that will determine if someone exhibits unusual behavior by considering small changes in their behavior while using the Uber application.

The patent contains a list of possible data that Uber can use to determine the level of intoxication of the user through the application. This includes unusual typing errors when entering a travel request, walking speed, the angle at which the user holds the phone or phone swaying actions.

Although the patent application does not indicate that the proposed tool will be used to determine whether someone is drunk or drugged, it means predicting the user’s state using machine learning and unusual user state, which would most likely depend on user interpretation.

If the theoretical system of artificial intelligence detects that someone is acting in an unusual way, it will adjust the services of Uber in the correct way. The patent application proposes ways in which Uber can adapt its services, for example, to direct users to a more enlightened collection point, or to compare users with a trained driver to work with drunk passengers.

There are no indications that Uber’s patent application is currently anything other than theoretical at present. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But there is nothing to say that they are not yet analyzing this data.

Uber did not say whether it collected such data, but the company was not disgusted when creating user profiles in the past. In 2014, the ride-hailing service provider used passenger data to indicate which of the US cities had the highest number of one night stands incidence. Uber with its some recent innovation also includes an effort of constructing a flying taxi development facility in Paris.

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