Facebook Signed The Agreement Of Data-Sharing With Huawei And Others

Facebook affirmed the news that they are in partnership with Huawei, a Chinese firm for data-sharing. Huawei was already once flagged as a threat to security by the US officials. The contract has provided the Chinese firm to get an access to some of the users’ data, to make the user experience more effective.

Facebook made their point and said, “All the user’s data will be on the user’s device and on the server.” Everyone has their eye on the company that how it is planning to use the gathered data.

The Chinese government has blocked the usage of Facebook on their land since 2009, but the social media giant is looking for other possible ways to gain access to China, as there is a huge potential market.

Earlier this week, the NY Times has reported that the social media giants have opened the ways for accessing user data for at least 60 device-makers, and that is of their friends from Facebook, without any special or required consent of users, which might possibly be stored on the servers of the firm.

To this, Facebook has clearly denied the charges that they are by any means involved in any such activity which consider as a breach of users’ privacy policy as per the regulatory.

In 2012, the House Intelligence Committee of US has warned the US companies to stop any kind of dealing or professional relation which Huawei as well as ZTE. Senator Mark Warner, said, “If Huawei is among the companies who are gaining access to users data via Facebook, then it is definitely a legitimate concern.”

Facebook has made a statement that “there are many tech companies in the US who have already worked or working with Huawei and many other Chinese mobile manufacturers to incorporate their service onto their mobile devices.”

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