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Backlash Rose Among The Developers After Microsoft Declares To Acquire GitHub

A few days back, Microsoft declared to acquire GitHub! The valuation of the deal is $7.5 Billion. GitHub is regarded as a vital element of the open-source community. The open-source software provides free hosting options for different projects for which it gets admired as the leading service for open-source and collaborative development.

With the news of Microsoft acquiring GitHub, backlash rose among the developers. As Microsoft intimidates open source, the developers fear, the software giant would bring some changes to GitHub for undermining the projects. Certain developers suggest their concern regarding the tech giant’s motives, behaviors along with the future plans with the acquiring the software.

Microsoft hosts numbers of open-source projects on GitHub. But the source code for publishing doesn’t remain the same when developed in the open. The corporate projects developed on open-source are done privately and no contributions from outside get accepted. The codes get periodically published with an attached license. Microsoft uses GitHub for the authoritative repositories and publishes the development to GitHub. Microsoft also accepts the contributions from outside and uses the issue tracking feature of GitHub and records the bugs publicly. Microsoft reveals the projects to engage the users as well as the developer communities giving high priority to new development.

Currently, Microsoft understands as well as embraces the open-source technology considering source code publishing with firm technical sense and collaborative development with community-driven standards in a broad way. The acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft may not certainly cause any trouble as huge numbers of programmers at Microsoft work on GitHub. Apart from this, the developers are contributors as well as users of GitHub.

Such fears of the developers could be considered and regarded to be justified if Microsoft planned to acquire GitHub in the past but such fears are irrelevant if the current scenario gets considered! GitHub powers the new documentation system of Microsoft and it hosts the high-profile projects on GitHub.

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