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Google: The Search Giant Has Planning Something Different For China

The search giant (Google) is mending various pieces of its business strategy for China to make sure that it doesn’t miss out the opportunity of capturing the growth in the world’s largest nation.

The strategy was growing gradually since few months, but the proof of these specific strategies comes in limelight recently during a product launch event.

Flies Go, a file manager app for Android devices launched last year, has recently reached China’s market. However, this is not a very big launch to boast about, but the technique behind the launch gives information about how Google is planning for the nation, where it has been not existed since 2010, as it redirects the Chinese search services to Hong Kong because of the pressure from the country’s officials.

You might know that Google Play Store does not work in China; this makes Google be a part of the partner-led approach of launching the Files Go. The search giant is working with Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, and Xiaomi. Every partner will make the app accessible in its independent app stores. This helps Google to cover the huge market segment, as these companies have the nation’s most appreciated 3rd-party stores.

With this partnership, Google is not only capturing China’s market segment but also making a relationship with the biggest companies. Google made a wide-ranging patent agreement with Tencent, a tech giant of China, worth $500 billion which offers and supports WeChat and more, and invested a good amount to support AI-based startup.

Along with new partners and professional relationship, Google is independently making its territory on the land of China. It has started an AI lab in Beijing. The strategy is certainly in its days of growing, and this is an ideal time to keep an eye on the movement of Google, to understand how to capture the market, which is far from your reach.

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