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Nissan furiously looking ahead to collaborate with India in Electric Vehicle drive

EVs have already shifted to the next level, which is commercialization. Now, the automakers are seeking various markets that have a real potential to accomplish the targets and support the drive that promotes emission free mobility solutions.

On such grounds, the world’s largest-selling electric passenger vehicle manufacturer, Nissan Motor Co. is eager to associate with the Indian Government in its drive for electric vehicles.

Executive Vice-President (Global Marketing and Sales) of Nissan, Daniele Schillaci, while speaking at a conference in Yokohama stated that Nissan has already started implementing its actions plan in focus with long-term plan derived by India, which is expected to be revealed soon. The automaker has recently introduced its innovatively fresh, second-generation leaf, which is expected to hit the showrooms in Japan from October.

“Indian Government has been following a critical vision of going all electric cars by 2030. In the automobile sector, a decade can be considered as a long term and in that case following the country’s vision, we would like Nissan to function in India and presently we are onto it. We have a ground-breaking expertise in electric vehicle technology, and can contribute the experience with local Indian authorities,” said Schillaci.

However, Schillaci didn’t clarify that by when Nissan would bring its Leaf to Indian shores. He stated that we are functioning on India’s long-term plan, and the vehicle will be revealed soon. When asked about any special strategy for the Indian market in terms of EVs, Schillaci commented that our team is performing a comprehensive research to understand the e-POWER strategy for India.

The company has so far sold more than 2,83,000 units of the first generation electric vehicle Leaf, which was introduced in the market seven years ago.


As per the projection, Nissan approximates that, till 2025 conventional engine car and an electric car will be nearly same. 2025 will be peak time and later the demand, as well as sales growth of EVs, will be sturdy. The incentive plans by the government are summoned as the best path to speed up the rate of acceptance and increase the adoption of electric vehicles.

With this electrifying hustle bustle in India, The Union Transport Minister of India, Nitin Gadkari has requested automakers in the country to opt for eco-friendly alternative fuels, or else there some stringent regulator calls will be taken against them. Gadkari also said, “We have opaque policies to curb pollution and lower imports.”

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