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Growing Concern Of Terrorism And Security Has Led Full Body Scanner Market To Spur

The full body scanner market plays an essential role in the international airports, borders, and prisons, amongst others in preventing major incidences such as carrying weaponry, unlawful materials, and drugs. The full body scanner device market is motivated by many individual factors such as increasing amount of drugs trafficking, against the law weapons sales, and terrorism issues, which drives the progress of the full body scanner market. Aside from these three drivers, the market entails various individuals which drive the expansion, strategies, market setting, and their various recent innovations. The market also has many restraints and opportunities which creates growth for the full body scanner market. Growing health issues among traveler can be one of the restraints for the full body scanner market.

The development of the full body scanner market is principally attributed to the rising terrorist activities and the surge in investment funds by the full body scanner manufacturers for the introduction of improved screening process systems.

However, use of such machines is questionable, as it increases the individual level privacy issues and competitors can assert it as illegitimate and unreasonable, violating basic human rights. This may restrain the marketplace growth somewhat. As a significant section of the marketplace is untapped, manufacturers are spending intensely on research and development and vertical integration to be able to produce new improvements and develop their market stocks.

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Additionally, in the U.S., an act called the S.A.F.E.R. A.I.R. Function has been implemented, which makes full-body scanners obligatory in airports. This is likely to boost the full body scanner market for a long time. Majority of the nations have readily acquired this scanners and have already installed it at their airports, on the grounds of growing terrorist activities and smuggling of illegal goods.

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