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Amazon Prime Subscribers Get Discount When Shopping At Whole Foods

The users of Amazon Prime service from Amazon will be provided with 10% discount on a few things at Whole Foods general stores. This scheme will be made available in the state of Florida from Wednesday and will be made available soon across the nation.

In order to receive these benefits, the users of Amazon Pay will have to install Whole Foods application on their smartphones and feed on their Amazon credentials. This will lead to the generation of a unique code, which can be used by the cashier at the Whole Foods stores at the time of checking out. Also, another alternative to using the scheme will be for users to connect their phones to their Amazon Prime service and provide their number at the time of checking out.

An analyst from the leading research and advisory company Gartner, Bob Hetu, stated that this declaration from Amazon is one of the strongest stands taken by Amazon in order to bring themselves and Whole Foods together, as far as the customer viewpoint is concerned. He also added that although there had been several small moves in the direction of associating the two companies, this is a substantial move, which will lead to making available good quality food to the users of Amazon Prime, at a price benefit.

Although it is believed by Hetu and other analysts that a major number of Whole Foods customers are users of Prime, what will be the contribution of this scheme in getting more users of Prime to the Whole Foods is something that remains to be questioned. Whether this happens or not, this scheme will surely provide Amazon with very important understanding regarding the behavior of the customers shopping at Whole Foods supermarkets, which is a significant advantage of this entire idea to Amazon.

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