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Why Amazon Didn’t Choose Texas As Its HQ2

Arlington is situated in a prime location and is only 20 minutes away from the airport. These are considered as the major perks apart from the other advantages to set up the second headquarters for Amazon. In February, the representatives on behalf of Amazon had visited Arlington, Texas. They were awed by the location as well as the positive aspects from the business point of view.

They had even selected the baseball stadium, of Texas Rangers that is about to be vacated, as their site. Apart from the company, the North Texas City also embraced the opportunity with open arms and committed $1 billion as incentives to the company apart from alleviating the fees of building permit and permission to hire the local residents.

In spite of the ample positive aspects, the proposal of HQ2 submitted by Arlington as a portion of their bid from the other areas of Dallas-Fort Worth didn’t meet a positive result.

The second Headquarters of Amazon would have created around 50,000 jobs and would cost worth $5 billion. However, the company had already announced its decision to not consider the city as the location for setting up the headquarters. As per the Mayor of the city, Jeff Williams, Amazon is seeking a highly advanced urban city, which Arlington fails to offer.

Amazon has shortlisted 20 major metropolises as the site to build their headquarters and even received 238 proposals ranging from small to large cities for the same.

The areas that are under the Dallas-Fort Worth are still under the consideration by the company but not Arlington.

Other major cities also proposed numerous sites to offer the giant a permanent space in the cities like Long Island City, Midtown West, Lower Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.

However, the mayor of Arlington is satisfied that his city was considered as the location by the company which splurged his hopes of attracting other companies.

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