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Amazon Attracts Prime Members To Its Retail Market At Whole Foods

Amazon is all set to capture a big market base with Whole Foods in Florida with Prime.

Amazon had acquired Whole Foods last year and is offering many discounts to woo back its customers to Prime membership.

Members are given Prime membership by which they will get additional discounts on Whole Foods. Apart from being priced lower, weekly discounts will also be provided on special items.

These promotions offered in Florida will help to keep the customers on, and will soon spread to all retail outlets of Whole Food. To get the discounts, Prime members can use the app or use the mobile number.

By offering 10% discount to its Prime members, the new loyalty program will make it more attractive for shoppers who initially felt that Whole Foods were expensive before it was acquired by Amazon.

You get an additional discount of 5% cash back Visa reward cards for members; you will be remembered on Valentine’s Day with roses and discount on Turkeys on Thanksgiving Day. Yellow labels for discounted goods and Deals for Prime Members are also available.

It also offers free delivery to members located in selective cities such as Dallas, Austin, Cincinnati and Texas. It will soon expand to more cities in the days to follow.

With many new Prime offerings, Whole Foods will become competitive feels John Mackey the co-founder and Chief Executive of Whole Foods with weekly discounts and perks.

Amazon Prime’s Vice President Cem Sibay feels that shopping becomes cheaper and profitable with Prime schemes. Currently, most of the stores of Whole Foods are in the US but are also found in Canada and UK.

You don’t have to sign up to use a loyalty card; you can just become an Amazon Prime member and enjoy all the benefits. To know more about the perks offered, Amazon has a site that gives additional information about their sale.

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