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OREA Decides Not to Target Individual Candidates in Pre-Election Campaign

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) has proclaimed that the association is not planning to draw back from its campaign. This campaign will promote home ownership to parties and candidates in the upcoming regional election. The clarification is given in the wake of reports of industry wrangling between OREA and the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB).

A spokesperson asserted on Monday that OREA will not be moving forward with billboards supporting or criticizing individual political aspirant.

The Canadian Press updated on Sunday that Tim Syrians, TREB president sent a letter, which asked OREA to quit from a “misguided and ill-advised” campaign. The reason for the same is said to be that the campaign may negatively influence Toronto-area realtors. Also, it may highlight the challenges of home affordability in the area.

Syrianos also suggested that supporting or undermining certain politicians dishonored OREA’s mission to support policies rather than people. The campaign is called as “Keep the Dream Alive.” It urges political leaders to help millennials to get affordable home ownership.

The website of the association proclaimed that the rising prices of homes have made home ownership out of common people’s reach.

Matthew Thornton, Vice-president of Public Affairs and Communication, asserted that targeted billboard advertising was only one element of an election plan, which OREA has circulated to its board. He further asserted that the board has decided not to move forward with the program.

Thornton proclaimed that it was a lead initiative they were considering. Further, he added that on the basis of the further review, they have decided not to move forward. He cleared that the decision was already finalized before the letter issued by Syrianos. This letter was recently leaked to the press.

Recently, the OREA submitted the provincial government with five recommendations for new rules. These rules are said to protect unsuspecting buyers from acquiring a damaged property. The cannabis cultivation is said to be the strong reason for the damage of these properties.

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