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Amazon To Open Amazon Go Outlets In Chicago, San Francisco


San Francisco and Chicago will see the opening of the latest initiative of Amazon in the form of convenience stores, which are being termed as Amazon Go. The important attraction about Amazon Go is that it targets to get rid of the biggest problem of the customers in the form of checkout queue. Notably, Amazon Go is made up of a complex system consisting of a huge number of sensors and cameras which enable users to install an app on their smartphones, enter the store, pick the necessary stuff and instead of visiting cash person, can directly make their way out.

The Amazon Go Store located on the first floor of Amazon head offices in Seattle was kept available for the internal Amazon staff for a year and Amazon used this time and feedback to remove the defects of the technology and fixed the bugs. In order to do shopping in this store, users download the Amazon Go mobile application on their phones and associate a payment mechanism with the same. Then, they start the application and scan it at any of the four mechanical gates and enter the premises. Items keep getting added to the virtual shopping cart as the user progresses through the store and the items that the user puts back are deleted from the cart. In the end, to complete the checkout process, the user has to simply walk out from the store, essentially why it is known as Just Walk Out.

As of now, the Seattle Amazon Go store is still able to bring the visitors to store, even after almost half a year of opening. It is arousing the same kind of wonder in users as the first bookstore opened by Amazon, which was in 2016. Amazon has opened 15 such bookstores across the US.

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