Yet Another Accident Reported By Autopilot car…

On May 11, a Tesla sedan equipped with a semi autonomous Autopilot system ran into a fire department truck. The police, however, are not sure if the Autopilot feature was in use at the time of the accident.

At the time, when federal safety bureaus are investigating the operation of semi-autonomous driving feature of Tesla, comes the crash, in which the Tesla driver was injured. Police officer Sergeant Winkler from South Jordan informed that the vehicle’s air bags triggered off in the collision. The Tesla driver suffered injury, with his ankle was torn while no treatment was required for the Fire truck driver.

No sign was found suggesting if the motorist was under the impact of any alcoholic element and any other information which the driver might have given to the investigators is not likely to be accessible before Monday.

The police report indicates that the roads were wet due to light rainfall. Witness reports suggest that the Tesla did not stop before the crash.

The car’s Autopilot system comes fitted with computers, cameras and radars to maintain speed, changing lanes and stop vehicles automatically. They advise the drivers to remain focused and attentive while travelling so to be in command to steer clear of any accidents.

The Police are in touch with the National transportation Safety Board regarding the crash. The spokesman from NTSB Keith Holloway has said that it is still uncertain if they would be involving with the crash.

There was no immediate response for these inquiries from the Tesla.

At least two more crashes involving Tesla vehicles are being investigated by the NTSB and the National Highway Traffic safety Administration. The investigators are looking into the autopilot driving system of Tesla, Model XSUV which rammed on a highway and the driver lost his life on the spot.

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