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B.C. Review Report Suggests Measures to Minimize Disaster After effects


An independent review report on last year’s floods and wildfire in British Columbia has been generated. It emphasizes the need for better coordination and communication system.

The province had to spend about $550 Million to tackle the problem of wildfires last year. About 65,000 of the population were forced to displace due to the wildfires. It also destroyed about 1.2 Hectors of the forest.

The report has suggested 100 plus ways by which the B.C. Government can make its response better at the time of natural disasters such as floods and wildfires. It highlights the need for involvement of indigenous communities as true partners for proper planning and decision-making process.

The report recommends for various activities such as cultural sensitivity training, awareness of racism, and discrimination into emergency management plans. It also suggests government to encourage the integration of traditional knowledge.

The report has noted the increasing gap between the money spent by the province to respond the disasters and the available funds for prevention of the same.

George Abbott, former Liberal MLA, has highlighted the need for a multi-year prevention stagey. Further, he appreciated the government’s efforts. However, he alarmed about the extensively high magnitude of the challenge.

Maureen Chapman, the report co-author and Chief of the Skawahlook First Nation, asserted that they are not just a community or a stakeholder. Beyond that, they are government to local, provincial, and federal governments.

Doug Donaldson, Minister of forests, lands, and natural resources, has asserted that about 19 of the recommendations have been addressed by the government. Also, he added that these recommendations were addressed on the basis of the internal reviews conducted by the ministries in response to last summer’s wildfire and floods.

Recently, has declared 2018 as a dangerous year for wildfires. is an alert system run by CAPCOG. The system has potential to minimize the after-effects of disasters by alarming people about disasters well-before so that they can plan for saving lives and protecting properties. The system serves Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Fayette, Hays, Lee, Llano, Travis, and Williamson counties.

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