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“Be Best” Campaign For Children Launched By First Lady Melania Trump

The wife of Donald Trump the 45th United States President and the current “First Lady” Melania Trump has recently launched a new campaign for children named “Be Best” that aims at the wellness of children. Commenting on the same, Donald mentions that as adults he strongly feels that we are and should be best at educating children on the importance of balanced and healthy life.

Melania states that with the help of this campaign, she wants to increase public awareness while helping adults and parents to teach how to be a good citizen to their children. The “Be Best” campaign has three primary objectives, i.e. drug awareness, well-being and the usage of social media.

Elaborating on the three prime objectives, Melania states that the campaign focuses on physical well-being as well as social and emotional. Melania states that her keen interest in “Opioid Drug Crisis” had made her go to hospitals and care centers in Ohio and West Virginia for learning the effects of the drugs on newborn babies and to-be mothers who are addicted to those potent painkiller drugs.

The wife of Donald Trump stretching on the second objective she stated that the social media can be utilized for doing good things but is often used for doing negative. Melania had a similar statement when she was promising to fight back and against “Cyber Bullying” at the campaign by Donald Trump against cyberbullying.

The president’s action and campaign against cyberbullying are in opposite directions which can be analyzed from the timeline of his Twitter account that is filled with name-calling and insults. Donald Trump has often criticized the looks of women on the web that includes the wife of one of his nominee rival for Republican presidential.

As per the Washington Post, the First Lady, Melania has mentioned cyberbullying as evil. The source further stated that Melania understood that the U.S president has in the past contributed to the nature of the online bullying. As per the paper, Melania was asked by the White House to choose another issue but the First lady continued with the same.

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