Tronc Buckles Under Pressure, Gives A Nod To “Union”

The Tronc media organization has now agreed to recognize the fresh union, which was initially discarded by the firm. The Chicago Tribune Guild has declared that the reporters of the said paper apart from the other publications like RedEye and Daily Southtown will be accepted by Tronc.

The step of the recognition of the union will fetch a formal union certification on behalf of the National Labor Relations Board.

The declaring letter revealed the joy of the union and depicted the unity even among the adverse situation. It also said that the 85% of the newsrooms card signed to appeal for the interest which was represented by the union.

However, amongst the wave of good news, it was declared by Bruce Dold, the Editor of Tribune that the manager and supervisors will not be included in the units of the latest negotiation. As per the letter, three separate units of bargaining have been added. These units will work in conjugation with the RedEye and Tribune as a single unit, Production Studio and Design as the second unit, and suburban papers as the final unit.

Dold also mentioned that with time, all the units will be integrated to become a single company that will focus to deliver a singular purpose. This target will assist the company to reset the business in an organized track and offer the readers with an exemplary piece of journalism.

During the previous month, the authority of Tribune decided to discard the union, which was supported by a huge number of reporters. However, the management kept a close eye on the situation and eventually decided to address the right of the union and negotiate with the members. After discarding the union’s demands in April, one of the reporters said that the hard labor associated with the activities which are for the well-being of the democracy need proper recognition.

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