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Facebook Scam Prompts Evaluation Of Social Media Private Policies


Privacy policies have been upgraded by social media and technology firms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft in the past 2 Months in an attempt to ensure their users that their private data is secure and a selling point to persuade them to keep on using their interfaces. Nevertheless, the survey demonstrates that the privacy policies are read only by an average 17% of the users.

For example, in March, LinkedIn, which has a user base of monthly users of 1 Million in Kenya as per the most recent State of the Internet Report, conveyed an email informing them of its updates mentioning that it was making amends that will be implemented since May 8, 2018 to its privacy policy, user agreement, professional community policies, and cookie policy.

The shift comes following this year’s Facebook privacy scandal in which it was claimed that the social media network mishandled the information of up to 50 Million users that provoked the #DeleteFacebook drive. Thus, to put off users from erasing their accounts, firms have taken measures to reiterate their vow to data security and have made the language used simpler in the terms of service contracts.

A brand strategist, Stella Kimani, said, “Social media sites have become a marketing stage for brands and a means in which the likes of Facebook make their profits. Thus, if users erase their accounts it will be not good for business as it will lose one of the key approaches they produce profits, thus, the necessity to guarantee them of data protection.”

One more impelling force behind the upgraded privacy policies is the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) that would come into force by May 25, 2018.

Apart from this, Facebook is also being blamed for involuntarily assisting Islamist extremists unite and employ new members. A research cited by new report in The Telegraph proposes that the company united and set up thousands of extremists via its “suggested friends” feature.

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