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Google Announces New Ads Rules To Approach The 2018 Midterm Elections


Google has revealed the new rules for political advertising to approach the midterm election to be held in 2018. These rules can be considered as a precautionary step.

Kent Walker, Google’s Senior Vice President, in his blog post on Friday has announced Google’s new rules for the verification of political advertising buyers and the related transparency reports. He has asserted that the advertisers, willing to publish political advertise, will have to confirm their U.S. permanent citizenship, which is mandatory by the law.

Currently, the company has not made it clear about the exact documents the advertiser has to submit for the same. It might be a government-issued ID proof, tax ID, or a social security number.

Further, Walker added that the company is focusing on the transparency reports. These reports will publish and store the data regarding the advertiser who purchased ads on Google, including the amount spent for the same. The facility will let anyone access this information.

Google also announced the improvements regarding its advanced protection program. This program now includes native Apple IOS applications support, which protects users from the programs that can be at risk. The risks include hacking and phishing scams.

Walker also proclaimed that Google has also introduced Jigsaw Protect Your Elections Toolkit, which can be called as a direct response to the interference of Russia in several elections globally. Google has been successful to escape from the inquiry of the 2016 elections, which had impacted other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO Facebook, was also criticized by Congress and others for Facebook’s election ad failings in 2016 and the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Recently, Google has introduced a new Artificial Intelligence experiment, which enables the user to see how the machine learning tools are used to make fun games.

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