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Didi Chuxing Intends To Bring 10 Million Electric Vehicles By 2028

Didi Chuxing is a renowned player in China’s ride-hailing service market. It has been dominant for commuting people around the city and now it looks forward to bring a major change in its services by introducing electric vehicles.

The company in the last week at Beijing Auto Show announced that it has so far alliance with total 31 auto industry companies comprising the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Volkswagen, and Toyota to create electrified and cheap vehicles with a viewpoint of bringing new mobility solutions in China.

The Didi Auto Alliance’s objective suits the volume of its immense home market. The aim is to board over 1 Million electric vehicles in its network by 2020 and 10 Million by 2028. It is also looking to manifold its users to 2 Billion people around the globe in the coming 10 Years. At present, it has 450 Million users.

Cheng Wei, CEO OF Didi, revealed the plan in last month stating that it will help to position China during the transformation of the global auto industry. This could also fortify Didi’s capability against the US-based rival Uber in outside markets of China. Didi has also entered a new province, Mexico.

Cheng said, “China will play a vital role in this shift of present transportation and automotive arrangement that has been in use since last 100 Years.”

“The coalition is an entryway for our transportation business to lift up itself to a global leader in innovation from a global leader in scale.”

Didi commenced its out-of-the-country service in early 2016 by bringing in a wandering product that enabled Didi owners to utilize Lyft in the U.S.

Since then, it has extended international operations to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Latin America, and Japan. It also has an extensive international association, straddling corporation with Brazil’s chief local ride-hailing company, 99; India’s Ola, Grab, which is well-liked in Southeast Asia; and Taxify, Europe-based popular service provider.

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