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Change Passwords…Says Twitter To Its Users

A double authentication on your online accounts has become the need of today! Notification has been sent by Twitter to its users asking them to modify their passwords, right away.

The reason for the same was disclosed in a blog post by the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Parag Agarwal. The existence of a bug had come to the notice of the company and this was storing passwords in an internal log in their bared form. Agarwal further assured that the bug was rectified and a detailed scrutiny had revealed no occurrence of misuse or wrong doing on the part of any individual. He apologized profusely for the happening.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO endorsed Agarwal’s sentiments tweeting about their company’s policy of being transparent in all their dealings and revealing the internal defect was a part of it. Twitter’s 336 million users were instructed to modify their Twitter password and the same if used on other services, to be modified too.

The total number of passwords included on the internal log listing is not known, presently. One among them is of the most influential celebrity and that is President Donald Trump. It was only in the past year that Trump’s account on Twitter had been disabled by an independent contractor.

The modification in password can be done on opening the Twitter app or website. Your profile pic on the app or website has to be tapped. Next, the option of ‘Settings and Privacy’ has to be clicked on from the drop-down list if you are on the website. The ‘Password’ tab which is on the left side of the screen has to be used. In case of a mobile, the sequence goes like this; clicking on ‘Settings and Privacy’, next, ‘Account’ and lastly ‘Change password’.

If the password has been forgotten then you select the option of ‘Forgot password’ and take on from there.

It is safer to incorporate a two-factor authentication in this context. This will offer greater account security from unauthorized logins.

The after-hours Twitter share price dipped by 1%!


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