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Australia to Spend Huge amounts to Save the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, the marine jewel of Australia will be receiving millions of dollars from the Australian government towards its revival and protection. The Minister for Environment, Mr. Josh Frydenberg while respecting the value of the coral reef which supports a large part of the Australian economy declared the setting aside of 500 million Australian dollars for reversing the years of damage brought upon it by overheated ocean waters; an offshoot of global warming.

About 40% of the amount would go towards enhancing water quality, reducing use of fertilizers for the sugar crop grown along the coast of northern Australia by engaging with the farmers. The money would also be utilized for controlling crown-of-the-thorns starfish, one of the major predators and for devising better methods of monitoring the reef status besides creating greater community awareness and enforcement. An extra 100 million Australian dollars would be set aside for restoration and modification of reef varieties through laboratory development of more hardy corals. Mr. Frydenberg disclosed that the job on hand was not going to be an easy one what with the experts opining that reef revival was very tough.

The Australian government’s plan evoked different views from different quarters. One of the reef experts, Terry P. Hughes, a director at James Cook University, Queensland felt that the amount was too less and came very much late. He uploaded the damaged reef maps on Twitter in support of his viewpoint. However, the Academy of Science in Australia viewed the plan a little more positively. At the same time, it urged the Australian government to tackle the cause for the damage to the reef and that amounted to addressing the issue of climate change.

Only, if the Australian government took the right steps towards combating global warming the Great Barrier Reef would still remain the global treasure of Australia.

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