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Moon Rover Mission To Be Shut Down By NASA

NASA is so dedicated to lunar exploration that it is pulling down its moon rover. NASA, as an element of its Resource Prospector assignment, was building a lunar rover that would look for one of the poles of the moon for compounds vital to human survival, such as oxygen, water, and hydrogen. The model was still being devised, with an aim of setting off in the 2020s.

However, on April 26, the team members were suddenly commanded to close the program by May end, as reported by NASA Watch. The team was supposedly shocked by the declaration that appears to be strange with Space Policy Directive of US president Donald Trump to drive astronauts again to the moon.

The issue surfaced after NASA moved the focus of the project to research from human exploration—with diverse objectives than the Resource Prospect assignment, as reported by The Washington Post. The Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, an interdisciplinary group that consists of lunar scientists, wrote to Jim Bridenstine, the new NASA administrator, to get the mission back on track, as a fraction of the human exploration plan.

The correspondence, co-authored by Neal and current chair of LEAG, Samuel J. Lawrence, also mentioned the withdrawal “is looked upon with both dismay and incredulity by our community, particularly as the Space Policy Directive 1 of the President guides NASA to explore the lunar surface.” The foremost of these assignments, being built by such firms as Astrobotic and Moon Express, are scheduled to take off as early as 2019. “This program is a primary step in attempting to comprehend how we are going to use those resources”.

Recently, in a report, NASA scientists stated to have been perplexed by bizarre circle shapes emerging in the Arctic. Researchers mentioned they have never seen anything of that sort previously and that it is tricky to comprehend how it can be elucidated.

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